Customs Compliance

Management Programs for customs compliance & clearance

It’s up to the client to ensure they are compliant with all HMRC rules and regulations but many businesses simply don’t have the resources or necessary knowledge to perform this important function, often resulting in overpayments and unnecessary duties on shipments.

HMRC has undergone many changes in recent years and many HM Customs systems are now audit-based, forming part of the logistics process. Customs consultants and compliance services from PNC Global Logistics deliver compliance with all Customs requirements and increase awareness in your organisation.

  • Understanding your business processes to create & maintain your compliance profile
  • Reducing costs to your fiscal supply chain & removing the risk of extra duties or taxes
  • Increasing awareness of your responsibilities through Compliance Planning Training

For organisations that operate international trade, compliance with Customs should be an integral part of overall business planning. Our team of compliance advisors have knowledge on the many complex customs issues and deliver consultancy, systems and ongoing support.

Customs Compliance services from PNC Global Logistics deliver:

  • 100% compliance before goods are dispatched from origin
  • Automatic release of goods at ports & airports without HMRC involvement
  • Error free electronic declarations to HMRC on any imports and exports
  • Audited HMRC documentation for every import or export
  • Training for your personnel for better understanding & efficiencies
  • Options for fully managed compliance services

Contact your nearest PNC Global Logistics office and let us reduce your compliance risks and save on duty costs.

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